The Details

It’s easy to turn Wrapfully into YOUR wrap collection.

  • Select your Wrapfully service (monthly subscription, weekly individual rentals, try before you buy handwovens)
  • Select the wrap you want to try
  • Select your rental period (if individual or try before you buy rental)
  • We’ll mail you the wrap
  • Wrap your baby! Post pictures and reviews on our facebook page, review on our website. Enjoy and spam!
  • Mail back the wrap
  • Priority 2 day shipping included both ways for most monthly subscriptions and individual rentals!

Try new brands, new materials, different sizes. Learn what you love or simply #tryallthewraps.

Currently, Wrapfully is only available in the US. We are looking to expand Internationally eventually.

There are a few things we ask of our Wrapfully Family:

  • Don’t launder the wraps. We are strict about the care of our wraps to ensure the highest quality and longevity of them. If something gets on the wrap that you can’t spot clean, contact us immediately at for instructions. If you’re keeping a wrap for months on end, message us and we’ll work with you.
  • Don’t allow animals to touch the wraps. Even “hypoallergenic” animals give off dander that can be hard to clean. We want to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy Wrapfully’s products without having to worry about allergies.
  • No smoking or vaping in or near the wraps.
  • Don’t use our wraps for any purpose other than babywearing. No hammocking, supercoiling, braiding, or anything else that may hurt the integrity of the wrap.
  • Please treat your wrap with the care.  All our wraps are pre-loved, which makes them softer, more secure, and more comfortable.  Please pay forward the love that your wrap received that allowed it to make its way to your home.
While some minor wear-and-tear is expected, sometimes significant damage occurs.  Our team does what it can to repair minor issues, but the safety of our wraps is paramount, and if there’s any risk that damage caused to a wrap might hurt a baby, that wrap gets pulled out of circulation.  If we can’t safely fix it, we don’t send it out.  In the event of damage, Wrapfully reserves the right to charge your account in accordance with the pricing below (based on the time it takes to repair and if we have to send it out for repair).
  • Minor pull – up to $10
  • Major pull – up to $25
  • Broken thread – up to $40
  • Stain that can not be washed out – up to the full price of the wrap
  • Felting – the full price of the wrap
  • Other damage – to be assessed by Wrapfully, up to the full price of the wrap
  • Anything harming the safety of the wrap will cause the wrap to be pulled from stock and you will be charged the full cost of the wrap.
Performed correctly, babywearing is a safe, healthy, fun, and heartwarming hobby.  However, anything that combines gravity and children carries a slight risk of injury if done improperly. It is up to you to ensure that you are following best practices. Wrapfully is not responsible for any injuries incurred while using our carriers.
Any wraps not mailed by the return date will incur a late fee proportional to the one week rental fee.