Our Services

Babywearers know how expensive and time consuming it is to change up the look and feel of a wrap collection. People have reported losing thousands of dollars over the course of their babywearing years by churning their stash to meet their changing needs and desires. Buying and selling is difficult and expensive, and who wants to commit potentially hundreds of dollars to buying a wrap that you can’t even try before you buy?  Plus, new wraps are stiff and uncomfortable for you and your baby until they’ve been broken in. That’s why we founded Wrapfully.  We have come up with several services to help fit your babywearing needs. Find the option that’s right for you, or try them all!

We have 3 different services that we offer here at Wrapfully:

  • Subscription rental service
  • Individual wrap rental
  • Try before you buy rentals and sales

Subscription Services

For a low monthly subscription, you can try as many wraps as you like, and keep the ones you love as long as you want.  When you’re ready for a new one, just send it back and we’ll refresh your look. All our wraps are broken in and baby-ready from the moment they arrive at your door.  Wrapfully gives you endless variety at a price you can afford. We (and our babies) have done the prep work for you!

You choose which sizes and materials you are open to or interested in trying. If you want to try to write up a wish list from our collection, check out our inventory on this site to see what we have (no guarantees that we will send you only what’s on your list – we will do our best with what’s in stock when you are ready for your next wrap). Go with what you know you like, or get adventurous and try something new! Choose how many wraps per month you’d like to have. The perfect wrap for you and your baby is waiting.

Most subscriptions include Priority 2 Day shipping both ways. There is one package that only includes shipping to you (One Way Shipping Included).

Individual Rental

With our low rental fee, you can try all the wraps you want.  Choose your wrap, choose how long you’d like to keep it for, then enjoy wrapping your baby. All our wraps are broken in and baby-ready from the moment they arrive at your door.  Wrapfully gives you endless variety at a price you can afford.

Priority 2 Day shipping both ways is included in each wrap rental.

Try Before You Buy

It’s hard to commit to buying a new wrap when you’ve never tried it before. Especially in today’s market when you could lose half of the value of the wrap if you decide you needed something else. Now with Wrapfully’s Weaver affiliations, you can rent a wrap from participating handweavers, and if you decide to buy it, your rental fee is credited towards the purchase price of the wrap. No more relying on other people’s descriptions to decide if a wrap is right for you.

Some weavers require deposits to be taken upon rental that will be refunded upon return of the wrap in good condition. These wraps are called out in their descriptions.

Shipping is added on to the rental fee for these wraps since weaver preference changes. All wraps will be shipped Priority 2 Day or faster.