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FlexiStash is now Wrapfully!

We here at FlexiStash are changing our name to Wrapfully. We’re doing this to ensure that everyone feels included in our community of wearers. Wrapfully is for everyone. It’s a way for us to share our wraps with you. To share those special moments in the middle of our fast-paced lives. To feel close to our little ones even when we have things we need to do. To soak in nap snuggles even when we thought they were too big to want them. We here at Wrapfully at fully committed to doing everything we can to continue to learn and be inclusive in every aspect of our business. Please contact us directly for any concern you may have. Happy wearing.

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Our Brand New Site

Welcome to the new home of FlexiStash!

We are so excited to have all of our options in one convenient location! From this site you can sign up for our subscription wrap service for a low fee, rent specific wraps for the time period of your choosing, and enjoy our Try Before You Buy collaboration with weavers. We are always coming up with new ways to improve your options for wrapping your baby, and as we come up with them, they will be included on this site.

We hope you find something that works for your wrapping needs.

Happy Babywearing!

Elyse and Nadia

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Why Babywearing – Nadia

You’ve already read about the idea and creation of FlexiStash from Elyse. Here’s the story of my first babywearing experience and how it made me a passionate wearing mama. Those of you who babywear may have a similar story; those of you who are unsure about it should definitely read ahead.
It was my second week of being a mother–I already owned a wrap but with my mom at home helping out and constant eating and sleeping, my little guy wasn’t really in long-term wrap status, and I was very unsure about something that trusted his safety to a piece of fabric. I had tried it around the house a bit but always with my hands on him and always for short periods of time. I brought it with us on walks, but left it in the stroller, for emergencies.
Cue my grocery trip one day. I had made it about halfway through my list and was starting on the refrigerated items–the things that you don’t want interrupted and sitting in a warm cart when a baby fusses. Cue that moment for my little one to wake up and just be inconsolable. I had fed him right before we left the house! I didn’t know what to do. My grocery store has a little carpeted area with seats, so I wheeled over to figure it out. After a diaper change, he was still fussy and I didn’t know what to do, will a bunch of groceries and no desire to leave him crying in the stroller. I decided to try wrapping him. I got him settled and managed to have him wrapped and happily snuggled in a latched-on position, happily eating away. I realized I could get the rest of the groceries with him snuggled in the wrap and happily eating because he was safely secured against me! The feeling of “I DID IT!” was huge. I took a selfie of my sleep deprived wrapped face and sent it to hubs in a personal high five. He finished eating, I got the groceries home still cold, and put them away, all with him wrapped to me. I realized that as soon as he was done eating, he fell asleep and I just had to adjust my shirt back on and continue on with my day. I was officially converted. We began taking long daily walks in a wrap, which was a huge mood lifter for us both (& the perfect light exercise for a new mama!).
I love being a mobile mama. I love introducing my son to the world, including all my hobbies and wanted to do so right away. Wearing allowed him to stay close and to feel secure. It also allowed him to start to experience the world before he could lift his head.
My stroller is amazing and I fully support its use in the right circumstances. But my baby was too little to see past the sides of his seat or to feel some wind on his face. Babywearing changed that. It allowed us to stomp through parks and to walk among little kids playing on the swing sets. He was really eager to see more and learn more. I definitely believe he started babbling early on because he wanted to engage in the awesome world he was seeing around him.
Being at the level of adults and eye contact made him really keen on forming opinions about the people he met. Not only did this help socialize him, it also made for some hilarious facial expressions I enjoyed capturing! When we had to go to some crazy large parties, he did just well and I didn’t have any fussy baby woes. He met almost a hundred family members in one week and was a perfect happy giggly baby throughout. Above all, I was able to travel solo with a baby (and haul back an extra suitcase of gifts) all thanks to the flexibility of Babywearing!
We are so excited to have brought Babywearing into our lives and look forward to many more cozy snuggles and walks together. I’m even more ecstatic to share my love of Babywearing with others through FlexiStash! Thank you for joining us.
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Get to Know Our Stashes

Elyse: I am not someone to blend into the background. Literally. I’m 6’3″ and I’m guessing being comfortable in my skin has made me a little bolder than I would otherwise be. And that translates to my stash personality. I’m drawn to bright colors and beautiful geometric patterns. My stash runs the whole rainbow spectrum. I started out with Didymos but my love for wraps quickly escalated into Pavos and Oschas and handwovens. I’m interested in trying different kinds of materials like Ice Cotton to see how different it really could be. I feel that wraps are works of art and I pick them to make a statement about my mood. Oscha Kasumi is a pattern I find myself drawn to in almost every colorway for the simplicity and elegance it brings. I’ve learned as my stash has grown that you really do need to #tryallthewraps. I never would have bought myself an Uppymama before this and now I know that I really needed to try it to see what all the hype was about.

Nadia here. Self professed obsessee of all things beautifully conceived and crafted. My bio pre-baby was something along the lines of “multi-lingual travel obsessed tech nerd exploring the world one meal at a time and collecting beautiful things along the way with my love.” It’s the same now, except I happily amend to “with my family.” I’m short and dark where Elyse is tall and fair; I’m very chatty and loud where Elyse is a great listener and hyper observant. Our friendship is a good meeting of our differences and our stashes together cover a huge range in a similar way.
I am the woman who will buy a perfectly crafted blouse that might not look like anything special but with impeccable stitching and easy care wash. I will obsess over the perfect notebook paper and pen. So when it came to wrapping up my son, my stash reflects all these various pieces of my personality. I love craftsmanship; if you asked me succinctly, I would self describe as a classicist and a romantic and I tend toward extremes. I’ll point out a black on black wrap where the details in the weft are something I can appreciate when I look down at my baby’s cheek even though it might not translate to a social media photograph. There is a splash of the bold shock of color or the full on dedication to a theme. I also own probably a few too many of the Harry Potter fandom wraps for fun. Natibaby Starry Night with the detailed embroidery was my first DISO (desperately in search) wrap (a gift from Elyse). Incredibly detailed patterns like that remind me of my own embroidery lessons or of the first time I stood on the parquet floor of the louvre and watched someone cry at a painting because it made them feel. My incredibly smooth caffe latte silk tussah Didymos makes me feel like an elegant mom in Europe even if I’m in yoga pants on my way to Starbucks. I’m obsessed with the fine details of wraps with surprising weft materials and with learning about the process of creation and design that the weaver experienced before I wrapped up my son for a walk in the park. Because of that, I like to hunt one of a kinds and love when a wrap is more personal with a clear weaver and wearer history. I love when something surprises me in the light, or in the feel, or during the wrap. These details and this variety is what I’m excited to share with you!

When Nadia and I were thinking about taking on this venture, we cut the wrap market into three different segments: the budget friendly wraps (like Little Frog), the mid tier wraps (like Didymos), and the high end tier (like Oscha, Pavos, Handwovens). We decided that this business wouldn’t appeal to people interested in the lower tier – they could just go out and buy those wraps. We want to give people the chance to try wraps that are harder to buy just to churn. We know that most people have the opportunity to try different wraps from their lending libraries, but we feel like our collection is a little more exclusive than what you can typically find there. We have wraps that there were only 23 of that colorway made, for instance. I know that with my lending library, I never would have gotten exposed to half of the brands that we now own. Artipoppe, Solnce, Didymos, Tehkni, Uppymama, Lalu, Honeybee Handwovens, Vanamo, Erizo, Pavo, Girasol, and Oscha are just a few. Our stashes continue to branch out and include different manufacturers and materials in order to really learn what’s all out there.

There are no commitments with FlexiStash. You can try us for a month and cancel if you aren’t enjoying your wrap experience. You can change tiers from one month to the next if you decide you want to try more or less wraps. We are confident that you will love the excitement of getting a wrap in the mail that you’re unfamiliar with.

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Finding FlexiStash


FlexiStash. It basically called to me in the middle of the night. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me back up.

Nadia and I chat all day, every day. Before our kids, it would be to share stories from our days, to vent, to laugh. When we got pregnant at the same time with our babies due two days apart, we would share symptoms. When we had our boys, we’d commiserate about sleeping schedules, laugh, and just plain revel in our love now around the clock since we were up breastfeeding.
Once Nadia got me into wrapping, we started sharing in the desire to buy all the wraps. We’d tag each other in deals, gave each other reviews when we’d get new ones, and frequently said “this is the last one then I’m done” (hahahahahaha, even our husbands knew better). We realized quickly how impractical it was to buy all the wraps, not knowing if we’d like the wrap quality, knowing we’d probably lose money in the market, and knowing our needs would change as our boys grew. Selling in the facebook groups seemed daunting. Trading is an art that takes lots of practice with market value comparisons. Feedback albums in all the groups were cumbersome to keep straight.
The whole wrap eco-system seemed imperfect. There was a gap. An opportunity. A way to meet other parents’ wrap needs while being more practical. A way for people to scratch the “try them all” itch that didn’t require you to have thousands of dollars of disposable income and cabinets of storage space. A way to try wraps you’d never buy but may find you love. A way for people of different budgets to get to play with their stashes. From all of this, FlexiStash was born.
We view our subscription fee as your “cost to wear.” You don’t have to assume any of the risk with the markets but you get to churn like the best of them. There’s no return dates so if your baby goes on a wrap strike for a day, you haven’t missed out on using a wrap as much as you like. You don’t have to worry about breaking in a wrap. You can try all the brands. You don’t have to hand wash anything. You don’t have to iron. You simply get to enjoy. Experiment. Branch out. Try a size you wouldn’t buy for yourself and make up a fancy finish! Try a material that would be scary to commit to. If it’s not for you, change your preferences. Give yourself the widest range of options so you can have the most fun.
We believe in this idea. So much so that we put our own personal stashes into the business. We think it’s a game changer. Let us change your wrap game.
Thanks for joining us on this journey.