Newbie Help

What are woven wraps?

Woven wraps are practical art designed for babywearing.  Babywearing is exactly what it sounds like: wearing your baby or young child on your body.  Babywearing has been scientifically correlated with happier, healthier babies and more confident parents.  And anyone who’s gotten into babywearing can tell you it’s the perfect way to lovingly (and conveniently) carry your baby around while getting done all the thousand other things that parents need to do.

Woven wraps are manufactured and used all around the world, by parents of every cultural and social sphere.  While they might appear complicated at first, with just a couple minutes of research and practice you’ll be ready for a comfortable, secure, and cuddly way of carrying your baby. Woven wraps are better looking, better feeling, and more useful than those single-purpose polyester/nylon contraptions sold in the big box stores sell.  Better yet, wraps come in endless variations of design and manufacture, for the look and feel you crave, as well as several well-standardized sizes, so you can get the wrap that’s the perfect size for you and your baby.  Different wraps work well for different ways of wrapping up your baby, called “carries.”

What size wrap should I start out with?

If you’re just starting out in babywearing, start with your “base size,” which is the size of wrap you need to comfortably execute a Front Wrap Cross Carry (“FWCC”), which is the standard introductory carry.  For most babywearers, that’s a size 6.  Petite people may want to use a size 5; larger/taller wearers (especially bustier women) may prefer a size 7 or 8.  Here’s a guide to finding your base size, but DON’T STRESS GETTING IT EXACTLY RIGHT. A 6- or 7-sized wrap works fine for the vast majority of babywearers.

If you want a video showing you how to perform a FWCC, try this video by Wrap You In Love.  ALL her videos are gold.  You’ll also never go wrong looking at the beginner videos published by Babywearing International.  Finally, we’ve also seen success using the Up And Close app, available in the Apple Store.

I’ve mastered FWCC.  What now?

Once you’ve mastered the FWCC, you can start looking at carries that use longer or shorter wraps.  YouTube is an amazing resource here.  At FlexiStash, we’re big fans of the Traditional Sling Carry, which is great for size 2-3, and the Poppins carry, which is good for sizes 4-5.  Do some research, find a carry that looks fun, and go wild!  You can always use a larger wrap to try out a smaller carry and figure out if it’s the one for you.

Is babywearing safe?

Like most things, the answer is yes, yes, yes (so long as you’re doing it right).  Always use your best judgment when wrapping up a baby.  Keep their airways clear, their seat secured, and their necks and backs well supported.  If you don’t feel comfortable, STOP and figure out what’s making you uncomfortable.  Once you’ve got a bit of experience under your belt, you and your baby will feel as comfortable, safe, and cuddly as you ever have.  For more information, we recommend Babywearing International’s safety guidelines.

How can I make the most of Wrapfully?

Wrapfully is all about trying new things, so we recommend: go big! Try out all sorts of new and exciting wrap sizes, materials, and manufacturers.  Find something you love that you’d never have thought to try.  Think you’ll never use a size 3?  How will you know unless you try?  Think wool is too scratchy, or cashmere is too delicate?  Give it a shot, and send it back if you don’t like it.  Take a chance, expand your horizons, and bring your baby their perfect wrap.